C&E San Antonio 2019

Public Session on Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response

Tuesday, June 18th | 8:00 – 12:00 pm - FREE with an ExpoPlus™ Pass

A Public Session on Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response
This FREE half-day session addresses unified mass casualty event planning, response, and recovery. Designed for emergency managers, policymakers, fire, police, EMS, school officials, and facility managers, the session will feature powerful remarks from Michele Gay, co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, who lost her daughter in the 2012 Sandy Hook School shooting; an overview of NFPA 3000™ (PS) Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program; and real-world insights from a panel of diverse authorities who helped develop the world’s first active shooter standard.


NFPA’s Active Shooter/Hostile Event Risk Assessment and Planning Program With An Interactive Afternoon Seminar.

Tuesday, June 18th | 8:00 – 12:00 pm and 1:00 – 4:00 pm - $250 for both sessions with an ExpoPlus™ Pass

Tuesday, June 18th | 1:00 – 4:00 pm Take a deeper dive at NFPA’s Active Shooter/Hostile Event Risk Assessment and Planning—An Interactive Seminar.

Whether you’re a facility manager, an emergency manager, a safety officer, or a school principal, this interactive seminar will help you learn how to use the new standard, NFPA 3000™ (PS), Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program, to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from an active shooter/hostile event. The seminar will focus on the risk assessment requirements outlined in the standard and demonstrate the importance of identifying and including various partner organizations. The program will then build on the risk assessment and transition to further planning. Active shooter/hostile events require a high level of coordination and interoperability between first responders, affected facilities or organizations, healthcare entities, and many more. This timely and engaging program will help participants identify who should be at the table and what their roles should be. Last, but certainly not least, the participants will discuss recovery planning. This is often the longest-lasting and most complicated phase of any incident, but active shooter/hostile events present an array of challenges that most standard recovery plans do not address. Participants will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of these topics and details of how to apply the requirements of NFPA 3000™ (PS). Space is limited to 70 participants.

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