10 Things to Know Before You Switch to a Smart Dev
10 Things to Know Before You Switch to a Smart Device Only Event
July 7th @ 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT

Michael Hartr

Rick Quinnr

How many times a day do you check your smart phone or device? The average answer is 150 times per day1. Because of this extremely frequent daily life dominating behavior, smartphones and devices are no longer be ignored by smart event marketers and planners.

Want to learn more about how leveraging mobile solutions and human behavior can help you both improve efficiency and enhance attendee experience? Join TPNI Engage experts on July 7th to learn more about how smart organizations are leveraging mobile to increase ROI, drive engagement, generate leads and more, including 10 Things to Know Before You Switch to a Smart Device Only Event!

During this TPNI Engage webcast, experts will also help you help you learn how mobile technology can:

  • Save you time, money and space by replacing check-in counters with mobile devices for your peak times
  • Connect attendees with speakers and allow your attendees to “raise their hands” during a session.
  • Provide Real-time session verification allowing your speakers to get real-time access to the demographic breakdown of the audience attending their session.
  • If your attendees can use their device as a boarding pass, why not an event badge?
  • Can attendees complete their registration – and pay their fees – with their phone or device?
  • How would exhibitors benefit from a smart device only event?

1Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers's annual Internet Trends report

About the Experts:

Michael Hart is a business consultant and writer who focuses on the events industry. As a journalist, Hart has covered the tradeshow and events business since 2002, first as editor-in-chief of Tradeshow Week and most recently as executive editor of Expo Magazine. He has held editorial positions in the past at the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Business Journal. Today, as a consultant with a deep background in the industry, he assists organizations with strategies for success in an era when events are changing rapidly. As a writer and project manager, he advises, writes, edits and prepares for publication a wide range of materials.

Rick Quinn has been a member for The Pulse Network team since its inception. Rick brings over 20 years of delivering both large and small scale database applications as well as providing both IT and software solutions to his TPNI Customers. Rick has been a featured expert as well as a host on numerous webcasts in the event industry. Rick is responsible for all business development and overall account management. As a member of TPNI, he has been involved all phases of the TPNI methodology – discover, design, deliver, and service.



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