TPNI’s Content Marketing Platform

The Pulse Network makes content marketing easy by managing every step in a single platform.

As the internet transforms the way buyers gather information and when they interact with companies, relevant content, attend events discussions are increasing and helping to create an online community that clients can leverage to optimize their marketing efforts. The Pulse Network’s cloud based platform focuses on content marketing and event solutions to improve clients’ engagement with existing and prospective customers and generate leads for new opportunities.

The Keys to Driving Qualified Leads:

  • Engage your audience, with custom, evergreen content

    Influence your audience with exciting customer experiences through online media, weekly newsletters and live streaming.

  • Generate Top of the Funnel Leads

    Attract consumers by delivering custom content, catering to their needs and reaching their social channels

  • Optimize and build your community for increased brand loyalty

    Move beyond clicks and forms. Build a loyal community with rich content that gets people talking about your product.

  • Start powerful and relevant conversation with your customers

    Establish your organization as the key thought leader in your space by creating and curating engaging content

  • Connect / Engage / Nurture / Convert

    Engage your customers and prospects along the customer journey with content and experiences personalized to them

Create a Digital Publication in minutes!

TPNI’s Digital Publication tool creates a digital publication in minutes without any technical or programming requirements. Choosing from a variety of templates clients can immediately and easily create their own unique online publication incorporating videos, articles, social media, community engagement, and assets like infographics and whitepapers.

Create Engaging Content that Reaches Customers

TPNI’s widgets allow the content from the digital publication to be incorporated in any website with the click of a button. All widgets can be customized based on content categories, types of content, authors, or search terms. For the first time, companies can allow their partners to include on their websites custom content from the company without any programming.  Deliver relevant content to your audience, when they want it and allow partners to curate content through the digital publication and have it appear directly on their site

Generate Leads and Build Relationships

TPNI’s Landing Page creation tool allows for simple setup and inclusion of individual landing pages for every call to action. In addition to creating unique landing pages, companies can easily incorporate different collection information, track source codes, and provide unique follow-up and delivery mechanisms with each call to action.

Track and Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

TPNI’s analytics tool allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects and customers and audience based on the activity with the publication. By paying attention to the types of content and the duration of time spent coupled with the demographic and psychographic data of the individual, companies can gain a clear and detailed knowledge base of each person with a click of a button.

Optimize Your Thought Leadership with Curated Content

TPNI’s Content curation tools is a one-click option that allows anyone across the web to tag an article for use in a content marketing effort. With the loading of a simple plug-in on any browser, customers can allow anyone connected to the organization to click, categorize, and tag an article for use on a digital publication, in a newsletter, or for social sharing and engagement.

Manage Your Entire Content Marketing Program with a Single Platform

TPNI’s Marketing Automantion Platform is uniquely designed to provide and end-to-end solution for Top of the Funnel Marketing – driving Sales-Ready Marketing Qualified Leads using a proven methodology.

Send Top 5 emails with Curated Content

Tired of boring emails that you’re not interested in? Your audience could feel the same way about they emails they receive from you and your business. Send them email that they won’t delete. The Pulse Network’s Top 5 Email tool allows you to create an engaging email featuring relevant, easy to read content that can be distributed to your audience within minutes.

Drive Traffice with Video Content

TPNI’s Platform makes it easy for you to customize all your content, from whitepapers to videos so you audience only sees your brand. Our web based player is easy to customize so you choose how the video is seen and when it is presented.  Maximize your results by making your content represent your company and run virtual events and videos on your site, not a third parties.

Maximize video content to get results

TPNI’s platform creates a portal for you to collect data from your audience with engaging videos and live webcasts. With only a few clicks, you can create a landing page to register for a webcast or unlock exclusive videos. Educate new leads and nurture current customers while generating relevant data to guide your campaigns. Your messaging, your branding, platform.  Building customizable landing pages to collect data without a third party and use exclusive content to drive leads through a seamless experience.

Connect with your audience through live webcasts

TPNI’s Platform makes it easy for you to connect with your customers through content, especially live webcasts. Our webcast player allows you to stream video from any CDN, such as Youtube or Livestream, to deliver efficient and effective content. Through polling and live chats, your customers can get the answers they want in real time.  Run virtual events, webcasts and videos on your site, not a third parties and stream high quality video through Multiple CDN Integration.

Connect with Prospects through polling and chatting

TPNI’s Video Platform allows you to connect with your customers real-time during the video.  The Platform provides the capabilities for polling with real time results and chatting with attendees – one-on-one and one-to-many.

Easily create video content with TPNI

TPNI firmly believes video content should be easy to create, produce and deliver without losing its quality or impact. We believe video, both formal and informal, are crucial to growing your business. The TPNI webcast platform integrates with multiple CDNs, allowing you to stream and connect with your audience regardless of where the content lives.  Capitalize on informal video content Broadcast a call or conversation to customers and audience.  Allow partners, employees or customers to run and manage webcasts to reach a wider audience.

Score Leads and Drive Sales

TPNI’s lead scoring algorithm allows companies to score leads based on the types of content they access and the length of time they spend with that content. For the first time, leads can be immediately scored routed to the proper sales or marketing channel automatically based on their content consumption path and their involvement with the content on the publication.

  • Collect information from potential customers to fully understand your market
  • Fully understand the customer, from initial contact to conversions
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Easily Manage Your Content Marketing!

TPNI’s marketing automation capabilities provide for full and seamless email and social communications. For companies that do not have a marketing automation tool of their own, TPNI’s Marketing Automation tool provides a best in class solution for email communication, alerts, follow-up communication, and lead collection.

  • Centralized Asset Library organizes content, filtered by date, popularity and asset type
  • Personalized content targets specific personas through social channels
  • Full control over how the content is delivered through content calendars and full HTML editors
  • Fully understand the customer, from initial contact to conversion
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Lead Management

TPNI’s hosted online lead management makes it a snap to manage Event Leads before, during and after the event with real‐time acknowledgements and follow up emails. Using our lead retrieval system provides multiple levels of solutions for varying types of exhibitors and sponsors to capture attendee information in real time.

  • Collect information from bar codes, magnetic stripes, and / or QR codes.
  • Multiple portable device solutions such as “Scan & Go Microscaner” device or Smartphones On Demand
  • Smart Phone Application available on your own device!
  • Online centralized repository for all of your leads in one place
  • Access any time. Data is accessible at your convenience
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Engage Customers with Livestreaming Video Content

With TPNI’s webcast platform, producing professional content has never been easier, including transitioning video into webcasts, making them more engaging and interactive. Take control of your webcast programs by becoming your own producer. Using TPNI’s webcast platform, your online events can match the quality of live studio productions with a few clicks.

  • Start powerful and relevant conversation with your customers
  • Your potential buyers are out there researching solutions. Connect with them through engaging webcasts, polls and chats
  • Build engaging experiences for your audience with live production
  • Easily launch live and recorded content that engage your audience in a personalized way, without help from IT.
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