TPNIEvents – TPNI’s Event Management Platform

Putting the power of your event in the palm of your hand.  The Pulse Network makes event management easy by managing every step in a single platform.

The Pulse Network (TPNI) is an integrated campaign and event platform which helps leading B2B organizations, B2C organization, and Associations to drive awareness, customer acquisition and loyalty across digital and face-to-face channels. TPNIEvents provide registration, housing, session tracking, event management, lead retrieval and marketing technology for events worldwide ranging in size from 500 to 200,000+ participants.

As the internet transforms the way attendees interact with companies and their events, your customers expect dynamic and interactive experiences. The Pulse Network’s cloud based platform focuses on event marketing and solutions to improve clients’ engagement with existing and prospective customers and generate leads for current and future events.

TPNIEvents has been used to manage events in the United States, Bahrain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, India, Singapore and Italy.

TPNIEvents is a cloud-based, enterprise-level application that can be run completely by a client or as part of a full service solution utilizing TPNI’s Event Management Team.

  • Integrated registration platform that works seamlessly inside a client website or standalone
  • An integrated online registration platform that works seamlessly inside a client website or standalone
  • Do-It-Yourself user interface and user experience flexibility for maximum efficiency
  • Global Platform with multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities
  • Integrated Design Tools to maintain the look-and feel of the event website inside the registration process
  • Registration widget for direct registration from a sponsor’s site
  • Group Registration Tool for quick colleague registration for group registration
  • Social media integration (tweet this / update Facebook status), LinkedIn integration, social email capabilities
  • 24 hr. later email to develop deeper interactions with audience.

TPNIEvents provides a streamlined onsite check-in and registration process for quick scan and print badge processing, self registration, and assisted registration.

  • e-badge printing for pre-registered attendees provides lightning fast check-in processing – with speeds up to 12 attendees per minute per station
  • Simple web-based interface self-registration that works exactly the same as online registration system
  • Multiple badge type capabilities including paper, Plastic, and RFID
  • Distributed Registration Sites for immediate processing in hotels, lobbies, separation registration sites, and on mobile devices
  • Mobile check-in for faster processing

The TPNI lead retrieval system provides multiple levels of solutions for varying types of exhibitors and sponsors to capture attendee information in real time. From smartphone apps to portable devices to devices that will scan and print a paper receipt, the TPNI family of lead retrieval solutions includes the right device for every type of exhibitor. The TPNI solutions work off of QR Codes, 1-D bar codes, and / or magnetic stripes.

  • Smart Phone application utilizes QR codes on the badge and be installed on your exhibitors mobile device.  Don’t have a smart phone? Not a problem – borrow one of ours!
    • Point and scan
    • Custom questions and lead qualification
    • Real-time access (nothing to download)
  • Scan-N-Go Portable Device is our most popular portable lead retrieval system.
    • Portable device – can scan from anywhere (booth, reception, etc.).
    • Simply point and click
    • Can scan through badge holders
    • Can be downloaded at any time for instant access

TPNIEvents provides an exhibitor registration systems as a part of an exhibitor portal that can be used for exhibitor communications, updates, exhibitor kits, and registration.

  • Central portal for all exhibitor communication
  • Multiple allotment tracking to track booth staff, exhibitor conference staff, guests, and additional staff members
  • Single transaction processing to process all transactions for all exhibitor attendees with one payment
  • Quick entry form available  – no need to type more than name /  phone / email
  • Excel export reporting for exhibitors to download / upload lists and manage rosters
  • Guest Pass Portal to allow exhibitors and sponsors to easily invite guests and promote the event

TPNIEvents provides an integrated housing module that allows your attendees and exhibitors to reserve their hotels either during the registration process or as a separate housing transaction.

  • Integrated housing application  – no need for double data entry.
  • Flexible Restrictions – Can be triggered to only allow registered attendees to make a reservation
  • Multiple Payment Options – the payment used within the registration process can be made available for hotel bookings or the payments can be done separately
  • Integrated Reporting to easily identify who has registered but not selected a hotel and message to them
  • Complete Room Block Management to manage room block distribution among registration categories and to manage reporting and distribution among hotels and room blocks

TPNIEvents was designed from the reporting out – taking advantage of the state of the art technology to allow multiple formats of reports – delivered via the platform or your mobile device.  Not only do you have access to our built in reports, but our customizable reporting engine allows you to design, view, and export out ad-hoc reports (for any show or comparison across multiple events).

  • 30+ standard reports / custom reports
  • Real-time mobile reporting
  • Real-time data at your service
  • Multiple comparison reports
  • Ad hoc reporting engine
  • Consolidated platform
  • Single view of the customer
  • Integrated membership management

TPNIEvents Speaker Management application is a completely self-service application for conference organizers and event producers to manage all aspects of speaker coordination for an event including: call for papers, session voting and scoring, surveys, speaker management, agenda management, bios and photos, etc.  Managing speakers at a conference is often a daunting task which is typically very labor-intensive and manual. TPNIEvents Speaker Management Application provides a fully integrated, one-stop shop, self-service application for managing all aspects of a conference from a call for papers right through to the live event and event after the event.

  • A single source application for all aspects of the speaker management process
  • Full integration with registration and web site for a single database of all speaker and agenda materials
  • Ability to export to XML for direct conversion into an onsite guide, mobile guide, and website
  • Direct link to registration for a single source for speaker/session/schedule descriptions
  • Collect and review abstracts online
  • Update Session information
  • Approve and decline submissions automatically
  • Automatically publish information to the web and mobile devices
  • Allow your speakers to upload their presentation for review/approval
  • Includes a complete session voting and ranking system

TPNIEvents has a fully integrated system that allows registrants to have his or her CME/CEU units tracked automatically as they enter and exit session rooms. The information can be downloaded or uploaded directly to the Association or governing body, saving a tremendous amount of time.  Working in conjunction with a session survey, this tool allows immediate feedback to show management on the performance of the session leaders.

  • Managing all of the CEU information online with a system for capture and delivery of CEU credits and reports
  • Manage onsite session access with a mobile, cloud-enabled Access Control System
  • Survey attendees with a built in online and mobile survey system
  • Manage all aspects of the Call for Papers and Session Submission Process through one system

TPNI’s Event Management Platform provides a one-stop shop for all event management needs from marketing to sales to operations to technology with a focus on high-touch, highly interactive, engaging programs.  The TPNI platform currently manages programs ranging in size from 150 – 15,000 attendees.

  • TPNI’s event management platform has helped clients save 20% of its operational costs
  • Our methodology is a completely integrated online process that provides significant visibility to each client and partner
  • Our team has helped clients launch and grow successful programs that have become the center of their industry
  • TPNI brings over 30 years of event management experience, so that any event manager can have peace of mind leveraging the TPNI Event Management Platform.

An All-in-One Registration Platform:

The TPNI Platform for building landing and registration creation tool allows you to create pages with the look and feel of your website – without the involvement of developers.

Build Pages Easily with a Simple To Use Page Builder:

The TPNI Platform for building landing and registration creation tool allows you to create pages with the look and feel of your website – without the involvement of developers.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting – Online and Mobile:

The TPNI Analytics tool provides real-time analytics about registration information, demographics, and verification.  The TPNI Analytics tool runs both in the cloud and on your mobile device for real-time and up-to-date counts and numbers.

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